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About Minter Network

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Imagine a blockchain that would allow you to create your own coin and transfer it or exchange it for all of the other coins issued in the network—as well as Bitcoin, Ether, and even USD—in an instant, limitless manner. Imagine the next-generation cryptocurrencies. That’s Minter. Minter blockchain runs on the Tendermint engine with the DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus algorithm. The programming language used for the implementation of the client/node is Golang. The network itself acts as the Cosmos Zone, meaning that users can exchange BIP and other issued coins for Bitcoin and Ether. They can also use smart contracts run by separate zones via Cosmos Hub, the feature to be available in 2019. Key Features: – Instant payments — transactions are done in 5 seconds, with fees lower than $0.001; – Usernames as addresses — no need to memorize long strings of symbols; – Absolute liquidity — with BIP in reserve and the price discovered algorithmically, each coin can be instantly reminted to BIP or any other coin without the need for an intermediary; – Limitless — BIP and other coins issued in the network can be exchanged for BTC and ETH (via Cosmos Zone) or even secured in USD; – Developer-friendly — to boost the development of Minter Apps, the team has already released open-source SDKs for iOS, Android, JS, and even a Telegram bot kit.


Sep 1, 2018 - Oct 31, 2018


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