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About Blockpass

Hong Kong

Blockpass manifests itself as a user-centric and self-sovereign identity application for regulated services and the Internet of Things. Blockpass offers a next-generation, effective identity creation and storage protocol, built with self-sovereignty in mind. Blockpass online identity data belongs to, and is entirely controlled by, the user. The Blockpass app does not retain any user data, nor is any raw user data stored on any blockchain or third party server. Blockpass digital identities have a high degree of utility, with users gaining access to a growing ecosystem of Web 3.0 service providers that have chosen to accept Blockpass identities as Kyc. For businesses, Blockpass can be seen as a shared Kyc platform, where a pool of pre-verified users is shared between businesses thus reducing the cost and time of onboarding new customers. Blockpass digital identities are underpinned by their reusability; Once the user’s credentials have been verified and signed, they may re-use them quickly and simply with any number of services. When a user joins a new regulated service, if their Blockpass Identity application is configured, they can prove their identity extremely quickly. Blockpass offers an identity solution that is easy to combine with other decentralized technologies or processes


May 31, 2018 - Nov 30, 2018