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About Terra Virtua


Terra Virtua is a social VR entertainment platform. You can play games, watch esports, consume live VR content like sports or concerts, interact with friends via their VFlect avatars an:d use our companion augmented reality app on the side. Users will access TV via a fiat monthly subscription, and have access to a load of content, similar to Netflix. They are unique because of the breadth of our offering and our experience/industry support. They plan to have a host of exclusive gaming content just for Terra Virtua created by well known gaming studios. They are also incentivizing — via their token (TVT) — 3rd party and community-driven content. Terra Virtua has the power to bring everything together in the fragmented VR market. They currently have a working alpha product & it is hardware agnostic — it works with Occulus, Vive, etc.


Nov 20, 2018 - Jan 20, 2019